USA Football
Scott Everett Zornes

April 27, 1984 - August 15, 2010

As a child, Scotty Zornes dreamed of playing in the NFL, NBA and in MLB. When he was not playing he was collecting trading cards and autographs-he simply loved sports.

Scotty was always a kid at heart and lived life to the fullest. He was like a 210 pound labrador retriever that thought he was a lap dog. He had a passion for the outdoors and loved hunting with his family and friends. One of his most memorable trips was a black bear hunt in Maine in the fall of 2009. Scotty took a great bear and loved the experience.

Scotty played all sports in West University growing up and attended St.Vincent DePaul School where he first put on the pads for the Tiger football team. He graduated from St. Thomas High School in 2003 and was a three year starter, lettermen and All State performer in football and baseball for the Eagles. He attended the University of Mary Hardin Baylor and played football as a freshman. As a player, Scotty was a fierce competitor with a tremendous heart and was a great teammate.

After struggling with school and searching for his life plan for a few years, Scotty was selected to coach a Junior League Division baseball team for West University in the spring of 2009. Following the regular season, he was asked to coach the Junior League tournament team. He won the district title with that team and was invited to join the Senior League Division baseball team for WU. That team went on to win the 2009 Senior League World Series Championship in Bangor, Maine. It would be that experience that changed Scotty's life and was his proudest moment.

Upon Scotty's return from Maine, he set out to coach a little league football team in the SFL-the Bulldogs and loved that experience as well. Scotty loved coaching kids. He was a student of the game and he impacted kids by relating, listening and bonding with his players. Scotty truly impacted the kids he coached.

With the counsel of several parents and administrators that he should get his degree and become a coach, Scotty bought in and made the decision to return to school in 2010. He was accepted at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and fell in love with that place. Scotty who struggled before with school went on to receive President's and Dean's list honors for the 2010 spring semester. Scotty was passionate about his life plan. In the spring of 2010, Scotty was invited to the campus of Stanford University and was named as a co-recipient of the Positive Coaching Alliance, Double Goal Coach Award. During his summer school session in 2010, Scotty was a student assistant for the University of Alabama football team.

Scotty really had things going and was preparing for his life mission before he left this world too soon. In one of his papers that he wrote for school, he ended it with the mention of his experience during the summer of 2009 while winning the World Series and taking his first bear in Maine. Scotty stated that he "did not know that so much good could happen in such a short time." That is a loving and fitting way to describe Scotty's life. We love you and miss you Scotty. Thanks for making a difference in so many lives and for always looking for the good in people.